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The TOP 5 Costly Website Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make!

Over the last 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with business owners just like yourself, across Australia and beyond.

From day one, I have always focused my energy on helping businesses grow, through offering my expertise & advice where I can. To put it simply, I am driven by your success – so if your business is growing, my business is growing – so, it’s win-win!

Investing in a website design company can be a minefield full of pitfalls & unforeseen traps. But it is rather straightforward when you’re dealing with a professional company that knows what they’re doing!

These days, to find a website company is really easy – just a simple click of a button within google & you are bombarded with options! But the majority of these website companies keep making the same mistakes for their clients over & over again. Basically they are building online “business cards” as a poor excuse for a website, instead of the “marketing machine” your website should be. Your website should be designed to sell, pure and simple.

So now I am going to reveal to you the top 5 mistakes that you do not want to make, so please read on… This could potentially save you thousands!!

Tip 5. Not Doing Your Research!

There are a few questions you should ask before you hand over your hard-earned cash to a web design company. You need to be confident that they can deliver!

We’ve listed Lethals’ five most commonly asked questions; complete with our sage-like answers to help you make the right decision.

  1. [Who Are You?] Tell Me About Lethal?
    Lethal was established in 2002 under the artistic direction of Lee Rekman. Over the past decade, we have encompassed an extensive breadth of work, including print & online media. We are experts in eCommerce, Website Design, Logo Design & the list continues. You name it, & we can design it to suit your business.
  2. [Guarantees] Does Lethal Offer Any Guarantee?
    Do We Ever! We have four staunchly upheld ‘rock solid’ guarantees. We’ve listed two of them below
    (warning: they may induce jaw-dropping), you can view more about our guarantees here: Our Guarantees
    The Mick Jagger Guarantee: Like Mick, we want your satisfaction & we’re prepared to pay for it. We offer an unrivaled 100% money back guarantee on our graphic design services to ‘keep us honest’ in the creativity department.
    Free Lifetime Website Support Guarantee: We’ll assist & work with you until any problem that may arise has been resolved – whether it’s six months or six years after your initial set-up. We’re not going anywhere – we’re here for you.
  3. [Responsive] Will My Website Be Responsive?
    All websites built by Lethal Graphics will always be responsive! One of the most appealing aspects of responsive web design is that a responsive website can provide a great user-experience across many devices & screen sizes (ie. Smart Phones / Tablets / Desktops). This is an important characteristic, since it is impossible to anticipate all the devices & screen sizes potential clients will use to access your site.
  4. [CMS] Will I Be Able To Update My Own Website?
    We always incorporate a Content Management System (CMS) into your website’s design & development so you can edit & maintain your images & text content as you please. We’ll provide a comprehensive instruction manual, outlining how you can harness your website’s true capabilities.
  5. [References] Do You Have Any Testimonials?
    Certainly, We have nothing to hide & we think it makes good business sense to do your research & make an informed decision. You can view our client testimonials listed on our website & we’re happy to provide you with contact details.

Tip 4. Do Not Get A Poorly Designed Website!

First impressions count, regardless of your superior product or service. Your sales will be affected if your website appears amateurish or dated…

Did you know that it takes no more than 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website?

Online shoppers visit diverse websites. When browsing, they want to feel confident that the company they’ve chosen to do business with will deliver what it claims. A poorly designed website can instill doubt & mistrust & discourage customers. Your website design needs to attract & impress your customers. It should be creative & easy on the eye (flashing neon didn’t go down well in the 80s so let’s leave it there!).

If you already have a website, ask yourself:

  1. Does your current website explain how your products or services benefit your potential customers or does it only mention features?
  2. Does your website contain a clear call to action on each page?
  3. Can visitors easily figure out how to place an order? Is there a ‘buy it now’ button (or something similar) that is clearly visible in order to proceed with a purchase?
  4. Is your website easy to navigate? (Step back & view it through someone else’s eyes)
  5. Is your website user-friendly? Can your customers find what they need quickly?
  6. Do you have a search feature (for those that sell products online)?
  7. Do you offer a newsletter registration? (Not every potential customer will place an order on first visit. Mailing lists or newsletters provide the opportunity to possibly win their business in the future)
  8. Are all of your website images relevant & high resolution? (Pixelated & poorly lit images should not be included on your website!)

Simplicity & elegance is key to alluring website design. Low resolution images, flashing banners & countless fonts & font sizes can be confusing & visually arresting (& not in a good way!) Your products & services need to be clearly identifiable & not become lost within distracting animation or banner advertisements.

Tip 3. Not Integrating Social Media Into Your Website!

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube are just a few examples of social media – the modern day word-of-mouth marketing on a giant scale.

There really isn’t a more powerful (or cheaper) marketing vehicle. The conversations are virtually limitless in the extent of reach (from both a numbers & geographical perspective), with every ‘reader’ a potential customer. But despite this, you’d be surprised how many businesses are yet to integrate social media into their website.

Whether your customers initiate a Facebook ‘like’, a twitter ‘tweet’ or a Google ‘plus’; each ‘action’ provides your business’ website extra exposure through a customer’s social media page. They’re effectively doing your marketing & advertising for you!

You may have incorrectly assumed that Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a waste of time. Even if you’re anti social media, your business should at the very least register with Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to secure your business page name.

Can you imagine how damaging it could be to your brand if another business has already claimed your business name on Facebook?

Is Facebook Really A Serious Business Avenue?

Definitely! We suggest you remove your logical business hat & put on your savvy social media hat. Facebook is all about engaging, laughing, enjoying & sharing opinions (good & bad!). No one wants to be lectured to, preached at or inundated by overtly sales driven businesses. Facebook is about content. Fast, free flowing, regular material that gives your fans a reason to regularly visit your site in particular, because they rely on it for enjoyment.

Tip 2. Not Getting A Content Management System (CMS)

‘Content Management System’ (CMS) changes everything & allows you to edit your own content in real-time using your own admin.

The intuitive step-by-step online editors really do make changing your site’s content ‘almost’ as simple as sending email or writing within a basic Word document. No more delays in having your web programmer upload the content for you as you can now edit your entire site as you please.

It may cost a little bit extra at first to have this applied to your website, but soon enough it will pay for itself in no time & you don’t have to worry about all those invoices coming in from your website programmer for every little change made. Believe me, it will all add up!

Don’t get me wrong, Lethal is more than happy to ‘cyber sit’ your website & make required changes when need be. But just think about how much money you can save in the long term when you have full access to your own site to make the changes as you please.

2 of the most common website platforms we use with a built in CMS are:

 wordpress website design

shopify website design

And the final tip, which is probably one of the most important….

Tip 1. You Don’t Have Any Lead Generation Tools In Place…

What’s the point of having a great looking website design, with thousands of people viewing your site each week if you have no way of collecting their name & email address, for future marketing later on down the track… Think about how much business you are potentially losing!

Implementing various lead generation techniques into your website is a must & it’s actually quite simple to add these to your site. Below are a couple ideas on what you can add to your website to help increase those new leads & customer enquiries…

  1. Newsletter Subscribe
    Placing a newsletter subscribe section within your header or footer of your website will then appear on every page within your site. If your potential clients like your products or services, but don’t purchase or enquire at that very second, they might prefer to sign up to receive your newsletters first. If they do, Perfect, you can now send them emails everytime you have a sale or a promotion coming up.
    Handy Hint – If you are selling products on your website, entice your website visitors with a special offer if they signup i.e. 20% discount on your first purchase, when you signup to our newsletter.
  2. Offer A Free Report (PDF)
    Offering a free report to download is a great way to collect someones details. You just need to keep in mind that the report should contain compelling content about how your product or service will benefit your prospects. This will then encourage them to enter their name & email address to download the report.
    Handy Hint – If you do have signup forms on your website, try & keep it as simple as possible & only ask for their name & email address. People are often reluctant to give out all their personal information such as phone numbers / date of birth / address etc, so keep it simple & the option to download a free report will be more appealing.

Here’s 2 of our favourite email marketing systems

Lee Rekman, Owner of Lethal Graphics

So what did you think of the above information? Did you find it useful at all? I would love to hear your feedback.

Of course I could really go on in more detail about ‘Tip 1’ and talk more about the whole marketing funnel approach / email nurturing sequences integrated into your website design etc to really help convert leads into sales, but maybe we’ll leave that for another blog post 😛

Thanks for reading.

To your success,

Lee Rekman