Did You Know Cheap Logo Design Can Be An Expensive Option

I’ve been providing a professional logo design service for well over 17 years now, and one of the most common enquiries I receive is “I’ve just started a small business and I need a cheap logo design”.

I get it – funds are tight.. you’ve just taken the plunge and decided to start working for yourself, good for you!

Starting up a business from scratch is quite a costly investment, whether you’re purely online or setting up a brick and mortar business, the costs are all starting to add up, so you start to think “how can I save money to get me by for now”… This is all too common and I’ve seen this scenario play out over and over again, and 9 times out of 10… it doesn’t end well for the business… it actually works out costing you more in the long run.

The one thing that is designed to set you apart and promote your services and unique selling point against every other business competing in the same industry is your branding, and after all the money you’ve just invested into setting up your business (in some cases tens of thousands of dollars) you’ve now decided to just settle for a cheap logo design – WTF… Seriously?

So you jump onto Google and start searching for cheap logo design options in your local area, and soon enough you are bombarded with all these ads from sites like Fiverr or Freelancer (for example), and you start asking yourself ‘how bad can it be?’

Fiverr is a classic example – Let me ask you this, if I paid you $5 to design me something, would you spend 20 to 30+ hours researching my industry, my competitors, my target audience, my unique selling point and then start conceptualising logo designs that best reflects the premium service my business has to offer my clients… No, I guarantee you wouldn’t put in that amount of effort for $5, so why would you have such high expectations that a cheap logo design service would produce anything but a cheap, unoriginal and uninspiring branding for your business.

The Expensive Part….

Ok, so let’s move on – you’ve now just invested your money into a cheap logo alternative that will ‘get you by for now’. So what’s next, before you can show the world your great product or service your business has to offer, first you need to organise stationery, signage (probably signage for both the shop front and vehicle signage), you need uniforms, merchandise, setting up your social media accounts with your logo, maybe some advertising in your local paper (or online)… the list goes on… eventually all the costs are starting to add up… all on a logo that you’re not overally fussed with, but hey – you saved some money on the logo design right?

Let’s fast track to 12 months later, from my personal experience working with businesses around the world, it is very common for a business owner (who decided to go else where for a cheaper option, whether it be for a logo or website) to touch base and enquire about my logo design services again, and the conversation usually starts like this.. “I wish I had invested into my branding properly from the start, instead of wasting the last 12 months with a logo that didn’t reflect my business at all”.

We all learn from our mistakes, so this time around when we eventually start working together to recreate their logo and branding position within their niche, our main goal is to make sure we get it right this time around.

So when you consider the amount of costs involved in promoting your businesses products or services, using a cheap, uninspiring logo will eventually have to be re-designed at some point, and that means re-doing everything, your stationery, signage, online rebranding… the list goes on.

That original thinking of going down the ‘cheap logo design’ road has now turned out to be one hell of an expensive business decision!


As the good old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.

Whether you’re paying $5 for a logo or anywhere up to $700 – in my professional opinion, this is all considered ‘cheap logo design’. Make sure you research exactly what kind of design studio you’re working with. Review their portfolio of work, if you are seeing some fantastic styles and logo designs, then there’s a very good chance, you’re going to get some quality concepts back. But if you’re not loving their style or quality of work – don’t expect them to suddenly create the ‘Mona Lisa’ of logo designs over night for your business.

Yes there are tempting cheaper alternatives out there, but do they have your business’ best interest at heart – or are these cheap designers in it for themselves to provide a quick ‘churn and burn’ service? (I think we know the answer here..)

Put the success of your business first, don’t scrimp on your branding – the very aspect that defines your business. Investing in your branding from the start will showcase your business’ clear vision moving forward and literally save you thousands from having to rebrand within a 6 – 12 month period.

To your success,

Lee Rekman

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