Forgone Productions re-branded by Lethal Graphics

Forgone Logo by Lethal Graphics

Forgone Productions is a fresh company based in Perth, Western Australia that promotes Artist Management, Event Management and Production Management.

Lethal Graphics were contact by Steven North, (a.k.a ~ DJ Forgone) to re-brand his company ‘Forgone Productions’. Over the years Forgone Productions corporate imagery has evolved, but not to the level it needed to be. Steven has big plans for his company, so the first thing that needed to change was the overall branding.

With Forgone Productions being in the entertainment industry, Lethal Graphics wanted to create a new logo that fresh, fun, energetic and included a character that the target audience could identify with.

Below are a couple logos which were designed previously by another graphic design company in Perth to promote Forgone Productions. We took these ideas on board, but knew the new brand could not come across ‘cheesy’ and ‘amateurish’ (no offense intended..).


One element we kept from the old design and incorporated into the new branding was the idea of the Straitjacket.

Simplifying the design was essential as the logo needed to be reproduced over a wide range of mediums and promotional materials.

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