Cheap Logo Design VS Professional Logo Design: What Makes Great Branding?

Your logo speaks on behalf of your business and what you represent.

It is essential for every business (either big or small) to focus not only on the marketing aspect of promoting your products or service, but the overall branding which primarily pertains to the identity of your company! After all, it is what makes your business unique and stand-out against your competitors.

Technically speaking, branding is quite complex. It is not simply about your business’ name or the attention-grabbing slogan but rather establishing consumers’ perception towards your business.

What do you want your customers to think about once they’ve heard your business name? Is there a certain feeling or message you want to convey once a buyer sees your product or service? What makes your service different from other businesses?

These questions are commonly asked and considered by professional logo designers when it comes to building your business’ identity. However, one important element you must never forget about and must always give a fair amount of attention to is the visual representation of your brand, or what we like to call; Logo Design.

As a digital marketer and Logo Design company in Perth, let me share with you the reasons why getting a strong logo is important for your company’s branding. I will also enlighten you in making a decision between cheap logo design versus getting a professional logo design. If you wish to truly convey your business’ vision through your logo, then here are the essential factors you need to know!

Why You Should Invest In A Professional Logo Design!

Do you think your ideal customer would be interested to look inside your shop if the outside looked a bit shabby, smelly or not so pleasing to the eye? No, of course not – they’ll just keep walking past until they find another shop more visually inviting.

The same rules apply with your logo!

You need to convince your potential customers to take interest in your brand and be encouraged to actually look inside your shop or website. Your logo will be the best way to instantly convey what your business is about, what interesting products they might find in your shop and the message you wish to convey to your target market.

Did you know that most website visitors only spend at least three seconds to fully-scan your webpage? Within that crucial moment, it may end up as a positively good result or a heartbreaking one. This is why the first impression takes up a big role in any business. With just one quick glimpse of your brand, that visitor to your site or store location could be a new customer or potentially be the “customer-that got-away”.

Deciding on your logo design determines the appealing invitation for your customers and potential clients. That is why you must have an iconic and memorable logo design that speaks on behalf of your company/business. After all, it is a vital factor in building a great brand.

Will Cheap Logo Design or Professional Logo Design Give You A Higher Chance Of Greater Branding?

To explicitly create a unique brand and identify your business, your logo will be the visual medium that connects your company to your target market. Yes, you can integrate various branding strategies online and offline, but when it comes to logo design, a lot of business owners are torn between choosing a cheap logo design, opposed to a professional logo design alternative. With such confusion in the market place, you must always keep this important rule in mind to help make your decision: Your Logo MUST convey your brand’s attributes. So how do you want your customers to see your business?

Cheap Logo Design is commonly categorized as designs that are easy and quickly done, with no real effort in creating your unique selling point. Basically a ‘churn and burn’ logo as I like to call it. I personally don’t agree with a ‘cheap logo design’ option for your business as the initial mindset used was to create the logo as cheaply as possible.

By choosing a Professional Logo Design, you get more than just a ‘logo’. You are also investing in your business’ brand which can give you a whole different visual identity. Professional designers will help you promote a professional image that is meticulously and strategically designed accordingly to your business’ vision and conceptualized identity. It will give your business the power to advance and effectively attract your audience or target market.

Making a Good Impression that Lasts

We all want to succeed in business, and we all want people to think of our products or service when the opportunity comes up. This all stems from creating a memorable logo design and branding. Your professional logo design will set you apart from your competition.

Never go down the path of a ‘cheap logo design’ option, it lacks individuality, uniqueness and originality. You have one chance to make that great, trustworthy first impression, don’t screw it up by thinking you’re saving a few bucks in the short term, think long term and get your branding done right the first time with a professional logo design.

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