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Woodlands is a small suburb, yet it has a lot of great things to offer. There are recreation spots such as the Jackadder Lake and Herdsman Reserve along with a number of bicycle paths. There’s also the Woodlands Village or Innaloo Shopping Centre right in the middle of the community. Plus, it offers easy access to the Perth CBD and the beach.

No wonder it attracts a lot of visitors and new residents each year.

On a similar note, small businesses or startups can also drive more customers to their doors by advertising their products or services to a wide audience. How? By going where potential customers are – the World Wide Web.

To get the attention your business needs, it’s essential to build a website that appeals to the people you are trying to sell to. This means taking your website’s design and user experience into consideration.

Building a website from the ground up may be too complicated for small business owners, which is why we at Lethal Graphics have committed ourselves to helping entrepreneurs jumpstart their online presence. From logo and graphics design to web development and digital marketing, we have all the solutions a small business needs to get found online!

Logo & Graphics Design

At Lethal Graphics, we tailor websites according to the brand and the business’ unique offerings. We make sure every visual element ties up with the rest of the page to ensure consistent branding.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the logos and websites reflect their brand identity and carries their marketing message effectively. For web design particularly, we see to it that every object or element has a purpose beyond merely aesthetics.

Web Development

A static website is good, but an interactive website is way better. In addition to our web designers, we have a roster of experienced web developers who can build robust functionality into your website.

Our team is up-to-date with new frameworks and technologies for building intuitive and user-friendly websites your customers will love!

Mobile Responsive Website

More people are now doing product searches using their mobile devices. Lethal Graphics recognises the need for businesses to appeal to this growing market as well. So we have formed our own mobile responsive development team to help build mobile-first and mobile-responsive websites.

SEO/Digital Marketing

A stunning, feature-rich website is weak without a digital marketing strategy behind it. To help your pages rank high on Google and be easily seen by potential customers, we offer a range of SEO, content writing and online marketing solutions that can be tailored according to your needs.

Don’t settle for local popularity. Take your business beyond Woodlands to uncover new opportunities and accelerate your growth!

Let Lethal Graphics take your business to new heights!