Doing business in an upmarket suburb like East Perth can be both rewarding and challenging.

With its many attractions such as the beautiful Perth Mint, the English-style Queens Gardens and the notable WACA cricket ovals, East Perth is a magnet for tourists and people looking for nice new place to live or work in. This presents more business opportunities for local establishments and entrepreneurs like you. But new competition comes with it as well, which means you have to do more in order to stand out.

Whether you are only starting to build your web presence or you need help with ongoing digital marketing, Lethal Graphics is here to help! Let us shape your business concept and transform your ideas into effective solutions…

Fuelling Startups and Brands

Here at Lethal Graphics we devote ourselves to helping businesses of all sizes and kinds do better and go farther in the digital world.

We create engaging and results-driven web experiences through innovative web design and development. Our team is geared towards providing custom digital solutions that get our clients to where they want to be.

Lethal Graphics is a leading digital agency where creativity meets technology.

See What We Have to Offer

Put together experts in graphics design, programming and digital business, and what do you get? Innovative business solutions that generate solid results!

Lethal Graphics provides everything a business needs to maximise their online efforts.

  • Web Design – Engage visitors and compel them to take action with a site design that’s visually stunning, responsive and user friendly.
  • Web Development – Power your website with robust back-end technologies and frameworks for optimum interactivity and usability.
  • eCommerce – Make your online store convenient and fun to shop at with a smart design that stands out.
  • Digital Marketing – Fuel your website with tailored digital strategies to improve your rankings, generate leads and build meaningful connections with your audience.
  • Branding – Stay consistent with your branding and raise awareness through a custom logo, graphics and marketing material.

Ready to step up your game? We sure are! Let’s talk about your project!