Connolly is an excellent, quiet little suburb in the northern part of Perth. People flock here to enjoy the affluent golf courses, the pristine beaches and the annual Christmas lights display at Prairie Dunes Place.

Like places, every business has its own major selling point – a distinct quality, product or feature that attracts people.

At Lethal Graphics we design websites that highlight each business’ unique offering. With our staff’s incredible vision for interactivity and presentation, we always serve up something distinct and refreshing.

We employ a brilliant combination of branding and marketing strategies along with some street smarts to deliver websites that are beautiful, feature rich and highly functional.

And as web and mobile technology is constantly evolving, our tech staff at Lethal Graphics always remain on the lookout for new tools and methodologies for developing innovative and interactive websites.

Our Approach

Our extensive experience in web design and development has enabled us to develop a proven process of building excellent websites in a timely and cost effective manner.

We don’t merely ask you what kind of website you want and then later present you with a finished product. At Lethal Graphics, we take the time to get to know you and understand your needs and objectives. We engage you in the design process, making sure you are informed of every detail that goes into the project. We find that this approach helps us to deliver consistent quality results and ensure client satisfaction.

We also take into consideration your marketing needs.

In addition to having the finest team of web designers and web developers, Lethal Graphics also has a digital marketing arm that is up-to-date with the trends and best practices in the industry. Together, we work with our clients to devise intelligent solutions to boost their search rankings, raise brand awareness and build a solid online community.

Our Promise

Well, we don’t make promises. We simply do our best to provide industry leading design coupled with smart branding and marketing strategies to help our clients’ businesses grow.

Our happy and satisfied clientele in Connolly and other suburbs in Perth can attest to that

Show the world what your business has got! Make it happen today – call us!