Are you getting the most from your website? If it is not getting clicks or converting visitors into customers, then your online presence is pretty much non-existent. Trust Lethal Graphics to help fix that for you and ensure your website perfectly delivers great results.

With our innovative web design process and state-of-the-art technology, you can have a website that portrays your brand beautifully, compels client engagement and drives sales.

Who We Are

Before we established our roots in the idyllic suburb of Burswood, we were once a startup in Perth. With our own share of experience starting up, we understand that every business has its own challenges. We use this knowledge to consistently provide custom solutions to our clients to guide them in their own race.

Our goal is to provide businesses with professional and effective websites that provide great experiences for their customers. We work alongside our clients to ensure the project outcome aligns with their business objectives.

At Lethal Graphics, we value our clients’ trust. So we set goals to measure success and ensure transparency throughout the entire project. We maintain an open communication with our clients so they always know where things stand and where the project is headed.

Our job doesn’t end once the website has been set up – we are always ready for support, customer service or even for drinks!

What We Do

Lethal Graphics is a web design agency servicing clients in Burswood. We aim to empower small businesses, professionals and organisation to have a strong online presence and bring in value to their business operations.

With a ton of experience and the right tech stack for the job, our team provides custom solutions to every business, no matter their needs or budgets. With the client’s ROI in mind, we strive to build websites that deliver results in terms of branding, site traffic and user engagement.

On top of providing professional custom web designs, we also offer digital solutions to suit your business needs:

  • Graphics Design
  • Logo Design
  • Web Development
  • Advertising
  • Social Media

We provide everything you need to have your website set up or perform better.

Start getting more from your website! We are ready to help.