First impressions last.

Cliché though it may be, this adage rings true when it comes to web design. The truth is people tend to form an opinion about your website – and your company – at the first glance. If your website is beautifully designed, first-time visitors are more likely to stay on-page longer or come back for more. In other words, good web design helps your SEO and your bottom line.

Think you already have a visually stunning website? If it’s not converting, think again.

Fact is good web design goes beyond the aesthetics. While visual appeal is a must, usability and responsiveness also play a major role in forming people’s first impressions of your brand.

Best Web Design Services in Applecross

In order to create the best experience for your customers online, you need a digital partner that knows what makes web users tick and what drives conversions.

Our in-house web designers and creative marketers are accomplished experts when it comes to digital campaigns. Having served diverse clients in Perth, we have created the perfect balance of art and technique in creating powerful web designs.

We push the envelope to produce effective, high-impact websites that help small businesses and large organisations in Applecross get a leg up against the competition.

Why Lethal Graphics

Lethal Graphics keeps a finger on the pulse of the newest digital trends and technologies, bringing innovative solutions tailored to your needs. We always maintain a good balance between gorgeous web design and seamless functionality through:

  • Seamless navigation. The user experience is central to web design. After all, you want people to engage with your website and learn more about what you offer. To ensure a great web experience, we carefully craft your website’s structure and implement intuitive navigating points so your audience gets the information they need with a few clicks.
  • Responsive web design. Majority of consumers are now using mobile devices to access product/service information and shop online. With a responsive web design, you will able to reach your audience no matter what device they are viewing your website on. That means you will never lose potential sales and you maintain a consistently superb user experience.
  • Branding integration. Consistency is key to branding. That is why our team takes time to know your business strategy, your audience and your marketing goals to tailor fit the web design to your brand identity and voice.
  • Strategic CTA placements. Visitors who don’t click don’t convert, which means your website is not driving sales. Having a clear and simple call-to-action increases conversion. Our digital marketing experts help our designers to ensure that your CTAs are placed in the right spots on your website where users can easily spot them.

Make your customers’ first impression a positive one. Call us today!