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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are all forms of social media.

Put simply, social media is modern day word-of-mouth marketing on a giant scale. There really isn’t a more powerful (or cheaper) form of marketing. The conversations are virtually limitless in the extent of reach (from both a numbers and geographical perspective), with every ‘reader’ a potential customer.

Social media can be manipulated with laser-like accuracy to target specific demographics. Facebook advertising waves your ad under the noses of the people who are most likely to be interested in your business.

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How can Facebook help my business?

Facebook technology identifies subscriber interests and buying patterns and then forwards advertising to targeted prospects. This explains why individual Facebook profiles display advertising that aligns with shared interests and previously ‘liked’ pages. Social media is a virtual meeting point for people to engage in what has become a fast-paced and often disconnected world. It is where people share and connect, so regardless of your business, it isn’t the place to adopt an overly formal, lecturing or preaching viewpoint. It’s about posting regular, interesting and pithy content. So much so that your ‘fans’ frequent and even share your page with others as it provides something tangible and enjoyable.

Do you have a social media strategy?

If not, then that’s where we come in! We think it’s time you jumped on the bandwagon and harness the beast that is Facebook to its full potential with a social media communications strategy. It’ll ensure your business capitalises on all that Facebook has to offer. We’ll show you how to easily attract new followers and build your fan base (while driving them to your super slick Lethal Graphics-designed website). Besides, choosing to ignore social media would be foolish and may alienate you from potential customers.

Does it really work?

Word of mouth advertising is so effective because despite what you say, as the owner of your business, people will always deem a customer’s experience more powerful and credible than that of a business owner’s perspective. Facebook users opt to ‘like’ your business page, which means your business updates automatically appear in your fans’ individual live feeds. If your various fans deem your posted information interesting enough, they’ll share it with their friends, which then has a knock-on effect and effectively ‘spreads the word’. Also, the fact that your business is even listed on Facebook with a dedicated following provides virtual street cred and is a step closer to building an even larger fan base.