Vegan Fitness Food eBook

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    Vegan Fitness Food

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    eBook Design

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The Project

Vegan Fitness Food is an eBook filled with nearly 100 pages of recipes, meal plans, nutritional information plus a whole lot more!

The brainchild behind the Vegan Fitness Food eBook is Crissi Carvalho (Vegan Fitness Model), a wholistic health and fitness coach based in Queensland, Australia.

This recipe eBook is unlike any other on the market today that targets the vegan lifestyle. Whether you’re vegan or not, this book is a great way to learn how to eat plant-based meals, with easy-to-prepare recipes that are very cheap to make. Nearly all of the recipes in this book take an hour or less to prepare, which will have you covered for almost every day of the week with meals that last much longer than animal-based meals in the fridge, up to a week.

The Vegan Fitness Food recipes are designed with not only health and athletic performance in mind, but also variety and taste. Meals are delicious, nutritionally balanced and can be eaten FRESH, often with no heating up at all, so you will never need to eat frozen meals again.