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  • Client:

    MAXIM Australia

  • Project:

    Calendar Design

  • Services:

    Graphic Design
    Calendar Design


The Project

Procon Leisure International is a unique team of professionals that develop first-class licensed venue events worldwide.

All events under Procon Leisure’s impressive banner are micro managed with the planning ranging from sponsorship marketing to venue promotions, media planning and execution. Every aspect of each event is precisely managed down to the smallest detail by this experienced team to maintain their well-established reputation for producing superior results.

Procon events are totally developed and produced in Australia. The events are specially packaged as turnkey promotions giving venue organisers everything they need to successfully run an event as well as develop their own sponsorship support. Procon’s ‘just add models’ formula has proven so successful it’s now emulated around the world.

One of the quality events organised by Procon Leisure is the MAXIM Australian Swimwear Model of the Year (MAXIM ASMY).

Lethal Graphics are one of the main sponsors for the MAXIM Australian Swimwear Model of the Year for 2015 (MAXIM ASMY). Working closely with Procon Leisure, Lethal Graphics were asked to design the 2015 MAXIM ASMY calendar to be distributed throughout Australia.

The stunning photography was created by Wayne Daniels and set design by Harlem Productions.