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We strive to continually exceed your expectations in the service we provide!

So much so, that to ensure we stay focused and true on our Graphic Design work, we offer not one, but THREE rock-solid guarantees to give you the confidence that your business is in good hands.

The Mick Jagger Graphic Design Guarantee:

We want your satisfaction and we’re prepared to pay for it. We offer an unrivaled 100% money back guarantee on our graphic design services to ‘keep us honest’ in the creativity department and to offer you, our clients, comfort and security. To date, all Lethal Graphics’ customers have been 100% satisfied with the work we have created on their behalf. Simply advise us of your dissatisfaction – be it, with your designs or our development process and we’ll revise accordingly until you’re satisfied. In the event we can’t win your satisfaction, we’ll refund every cent back to you. We won’t subtract processing fees and we won’t make you jump through hoops. Your money is back in your pocket if you’re unhappy with our services or designs*.

Lethal Graphics ‘On the Money’ Guarantee:

Our proposals clearly outline your initial payment and ongoing investment in your company’s graphic design and website design and development. Additional ‘surprise charges’ don’t occur at Lethal Graphics.

A separate quotation will be provided, should you request additional features following your original proposal being issued. This ensures hassle-free upgrading.

Lethal Graphics ‘On the Ticker’ Guarantee:

We’ll complete your project by the mutually agreed deadline or we’ll slash 10% off the project’s quoted value. Assuming you’ve provided the necessary feedback, design material and content for the website / design project in a timely manner; we’ll inform you, ahead of time, if the project is delayed and provide you with an amended completion date. We haven’t yet had to disappoint a client with a delayed project and we don’t intend to start.

*Terms for the 100% money back Graphic Design guarantee:

Do note there are clauses to the Mick Jagger Graphic Design guarantee, whereby a refund is ineligible:

  1. If you’ve already confirmed or approved acceptance of a design, this represents acceptance of the final project, serving as an implicit statement of satisfaction.
  2. Failure to communicate your dissatisfaction more than five working days after presentation of a concept(s).
  3. If the company for whom the design was performed should close, alter its trading name or undergo other alterations rendering the current design invalid.
  4. Once you’ve assumed final delivery.
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