New Lethal Logo Design – It’s about time!

Lethal Graphics - Your DIgital Partner

I’ve been working with business owners worldwide for over 14 years with their branding, but when it came to creating my very own logo design… I’ve always struggled.

What’s that saying.. ‘you are your own worst critic’, well that is definitely true in my case.

When it comes to designing for a client, whether it’s a logo design or an eCommerce website, no matter what it is, I am always able to deliver.

But when ever I need to design something for myself or my own business’ branding… then that’s a whole other story!

I started Lethal Graphics in Perth back in 2002, even back then I struggled to get my branding right – but I settled for a logo that I thought was ‘ok’ at the time (see below – don’t judge me).

Back in the day, the majority of work that was coming in was all print based, from business cards, flyers, posters right through to annual reports. I would occasionally get the enquiry for a website, but print based design enquiries was always the main ‘bread and butter’ work.

So my branding at the time for Lethal Graphics was always focused towards print based design work.

During the earlier years of business, I could see a major shift on how business’ were promoting / advertising their services, the digital age was upon us and I had to make a decision, do I keep doing what I’ve always done and expect the same results – or do I change my business model and start focusing on digital… it was a no brainer!

Lethal Logo Evolution

Over the last 5-6 years, I have seen a massive increase in enquiries for business websites. I didn’t want to be another ‘web design company‘ who would only design an ‘online brochure’ for the client, I don’t see the point in web design companies only providing this service. You ask any client – what would you prefer;

  1. a website that looks ok… OR
  2. an online marketing machine that drives traffic to your site and converts leads into paying customers (and still have a kick ass designed site)

I know what option I would choose!

So I decided to really start focusing on the digital marketing aspect and how I could help business’ dominate online through strategic marketing, SEO, SEM and Social Media. I enrolled in more marketing courses as I really wanted to not only create a memorable user experience, I also wanted to be able help clients dominate online through strategic marketing.

Coming back to the whole branding of Lethal Graphics, changing the logo has been on my mind for years – but always putting it off, knowing how stressful the process would be and how I would always over-analyze everything.

But the time was now – Lethal Graphics is a different company to when I first registered the business. The quality of work and customer service still remains, but our experience and expertise has grown significantly, so I needed to re-brand my company to reflect the new change and can finally say I am absolutely wrapped with our new branding and excited to share our journey with you.

We are Lethal. Your Digital Partner.