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Graphic Design FAQ

How much does design work cost?

The question on every customer’s mind.
Short answer: it depends but we work with you and within your allocated budget for all projects.
Long answer: Many factors are involved with devising a final price. So much so, that we don’t offer specific pricing packages. Every design project is different and every client has varied requirements, so we devise our pricing on individual requirements and budgets. For example, one client may require us to only refine one preconceived idea for logo design, whereas another client may require extensive design development across various mediums before making a final choice. Each quotation would differ given the variance in time and creative process.

Can you design my logo, I only want to spend $200 dollars?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Ask yourself: ‘How important is the success of my business?’. Countless hours are spent conceptualising, researching and creating individual logos and corporate images to create brand awareness and catapult businesses to the forefront of industry. Sadly, it doesn’t make financial sense for Lethal Graphics to assume a logo project for $200. Cheap design often lacks innovation or direction. Don’t scrimp on your branding – the very aspect that defines your business. We at Lethal Graphics derive very little satisfaction from creating a ‘pointless icon’, devoid of meaning within your business and relevant industries. Focus on creating the most professional impression possible.

Where is Lethal Graphics based?

We are an Australian-based, global company to reflect the needs of our clients who are also based in Australia and around the world. Technology allows us to maintain regular contact with all clients through weekly updates via phone meetings and emails. We provide exceptional customer service, irrespective of client location.

What is Lethal Graphics guarantee?

We have a few, four in fact! Refer to the ‘Guarantees’ page for more information.

Will I own the copyright to my logo?

Yes. Lethal Graphics doesn’t assume ownership of your logo artwork. Many design studios incorporate a ‘release fee’ to obtain access to your own artwork. We’ll gladly supply all final artwork files to you (without an additional charge). You can receive your artwork either on disk or via email.

Aren’t all design companies the same?

No. Design companies vary in their approach, fees and results. The adage, ‘You get what you pay for’ applies in the design industry. Lethal Graphics is proud of our individuality. We differentiate ourselves by employing specialists (programmers, graphic designers and copywriters) to focus on what it is that they do best so that you, our clients, are left with a product that discerns you from your competitors. Lethal Graphics expertly manages design projects from start to finish, including printing.

Website Design FAQ

How long will it take to design my website?

Website design varies according to content and complexity. Smaller websites that don’t require much programming are typically completed in two weeks, once the design concept has been agreed upon. Larger websites, requiring a greater amount of programming and database work can take between four to eight weeks, depending on their size and complexity. Many clients contact us with a specific date in mind to launch or relaunch a website. We consider all website architecture before committing to ensure we can deliver. To this day, we have never missed a deadline.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures a website is ranked high in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. SEO can provide you and your business with increased traffic, enquiries and many new customers, if done correctly. Unlike some design agencies, Lethal Graphics considers SEO before commencing design development. We first identify key phrases and industry jargon, and refer to market research to stay abreast of current trends and keep your company at the top of internet search results.

How do I update my website?

Content Management System (CMS) can be incorporated into your website’s design and development so you can edit and maintain your images and text content, as you please. We’ll provide a comprehensive instruction manual, outlining how you can harness your website’s true capabilities. We also offer lifetime support for any website related questions and we can also assume responsibility for maintaining and updating your website if the mere thought terrifies you and your team.

Do Lethal Graphics arrange website hosting and domain registration?

Most definitely. We try to make the process as easy as possible, arranging the hosting and domain registration in one instance, leaving you with time to focus on the more important aspects of your business, such as your customers.

Do you create Flash websites?

No. We try to avoid using Flash where possible as it losing popularity and being phased out. We want to avoid creating a dynamic Flash site for you now that will need to be completely recreated in coming years. It’s also important to note that Flash is not supported on smart phones and tablets such as the iPhone and iPad. There are alternatives for those with animation-focused website design. Do contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

Can I see how my website is performing?

Yes. We provide you with a report that outlines basic monthly website statistics to monitor website performance. Statistic include the number of people that have visited your website, what country or state they viewed the content from, what pages they viewed and what keywords were used. Our monthly reports are quite detailed and can prove very useful when planning your next strategic marketing campaign. All reports are included in your original website quotation and don’t have ongoing associated costs. You can also request for more frequent reports if desired.

Do you build eCommerce website?

Yes. Demand for eCommerce websites continues to gain momentum. Please contact us so we can discuss your individual requirements.