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Lethal Graphics specialise in strategic email marketing solutions that help drive sales.

Email advertising is so effective for your business as it allows for regular communication with a wide audience of established and prospective clients at virtually no cost.

Credibility and trust are also established over time, as previous and prospective clients feel comfortable to buy from you for a first or repeat experience.

It’s also non-invasive. You can send customers a simple ‘thank you for your business’ or post purchase survey/follow-up type email. Email marketing to previous customers is one of the best ways to increase their lifetime value as retail history and familiarity increases the likelihood of future purchases.

Lethal Graphics can also provide your business creative advertising solutions, whether it be print advertising or online advertising, we work closely with business owners in Perth and throughout Australia as well as our international clients to get your marketing message across in a creative way that brings a return on your advertising investment.

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Let’s get strategic with Email Marketing

Lethal Graphics Advertising Perth services specialise in creating strategic email marketing campaigns that focus on advertising your business to produce results. We can manage the entire process for you or we can help you create an email marketing campaign that you then manage. We offer three email marketing solutions.

Strategic Development

Email marketing in our opinion, is the best digital channel for ROI, so it is essential to have a strategic approach to your email marketing campaign. We’ll help you devise the optimum messaging for your market, integrating value-adding email campaigns that generate sales and new enquiries.

Email Newsletter Design

We’ll design a high impact email newsletter design that reflects your company branding to attract and wow your clientele.

Email Database Development

Lethal Graphics Email Marketing Perth services can integrate offers into your current website that will drive maximum email subscriptions from all who visit your site.

This can be achieved through copywriting special reports, integrating calls-to-action on each page, as well as an optimised landing page. (Don’t worry if this all sounds like a foreign language. We know what we’re doing and we’ll explain it all in detail to you).