9 Secrets to Creating an Unforgettable Brand and Profitable Website

Whether you’re starting a brand new business and needing a logo designer to create your new branding and website, or maybe you’re already established and in need of a digital brand check up, refer to the 9 secrets below to get your branding foundations right from the start.

Secret #1

Do YOU have a clear idea of what your brand is? Can you boil this down to one concept? What ideas and notions pop up when a person thinks of your brand?

Secret #2

Does the copy on your website “speak to” your customer? Do you know who you are talking to? Do you know who your customer is, and what solutions they are looking for? Remember, your website should promote the solution you can provide to your customers problem.

Secret #3

Is your about page aligned to your business? Are you communicating your brand story? Does it connect with your customer’s problems and desires?

Secret #4

Does your aesthetic expression of your brand (e.g. your web design, logo, etc.) actually reflect your brand? Is it in sync across social media platforms?

Secret #5

Is your website designed with you visitor’s goals in mind? What are they looking for when they visit? Are you providing it?

Secret #6

Is your website easy to navigate? Is it easy to do business with you? Are your offerings clear?

Secret #7

Are you building your email list? – Do you have an irresistible opt-in offer? Just think about all the traffic going to your current website, if you don’t have an irresistible opt-in offer to get them onto your email list – just think about all the money you are leaving on the table.

Secret #8

Is social media fully integrated into your site? Are you creating and sharing content which educates, informs, entertains and inspires? Are you an integral and evolving part of “the conversation”?

Secret #9

Does your brand change the way your customer feels? Do you have a buzzworthy, unforgettable brand & profitable website?

Here’s some of the businesses we’ve help succeed

So how did you go?

Did you answer YES to every question? If you found that you had answered NO to quite a few questions, maybe it’s time to contact us and see how we can take your brand to the next level.

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